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  1. Recon Cab Lights (Clearance Lights)

    General 6.7 Discussion (2017-2019)
    I just got my 2018 F-250, CCSWB, Lariat Value a few weeks ago and wanted to add cab lights. My local dealer recommended the Recon's with their wiring harness over OEM to save cost, so that's what I did. The wiring harness was impressive, looked like OEM quality, completely wrapped it fabric...
  2. Recon projector w/ HID's 2008-10 Super Duty

    Exterior Parts
    As stated, I'm selling a set of Recon projector headlights with Blk housing, CCFL halos, and I'll include a set of 55W canbus 6000K HIDs complete with warning cancelers. Also Silvania zXe high beam bulbs. Setup is just over a year old. Everything works and looks great, just going for a different...
  3. better fuel economy 7.3

    General Diesel Discussion
    Hey guys, i have a 7.3 weve had it since new in 2003. been used to pull 13,000+ on the weekly basis since new. She has 197,*** miles with stock injectors, turbo, tranny. Basically only engine tweeks are s&b intake and super chip tune varying from bieng on tow safe to high performance. I know it...
  4. Recon headlights on my 02 f250 question!

    99-03 7.3L General Discussion
    so im thinking of getting recon headlights for my 02 f250 but i have a few questions. i know the factory bulb size is 9007 and the recon headlights take h1 bulbs. i want to put HIDS in them, so do i need to buy H1 hid bulbs? has anyone done this to their recons? anything else i need to to make...
  5. Recon Illuminated Door Sills 2014 Super Duty

    6.7 Electronics Discussion (2011-2016)
    I just got my recon illuminated door sills in the mail, and I'm a little hesitant to start cutting wires on my new truck to install these. Has anyone installed these on a newer powerstroke? Any instructions or pics would be a big help I also have a set of the illuminated emblems also, if anyone...
  6. Recon Tinted Tail Lights Fit 05

    Exterior Parts
    Can't have tinted tail lights in MA so I took them off and put stock back on. No scratches at all and just a bit dusty. Ill clean them up before I ship. $250 takes them, you pay shipping. Save yourself $70 and grab these!
  7. Window, radio, dome light problems

    6.0L Electronics Discussion
    Last night I hooked up the new Recon Big Rig Ice running board lights. They work great, shine bright and hopefully keep the twerps that ride next to me and don't want to let me over out of my way. However, now that I have been in the truck driving around I am starting to find all the problems...
  8. Positive Recon Feedback...

    6.4 Exterior Discussion
    I know some of you guys have had issues with Recon, but just to be the devil's advocate I'd like to share my experience... I run their stuff all around the exterior of my truck... I recently had some (2) LED's fail on the eyebrow accent row of my projector headlights... I called both tech and...
  9. 4 KC's 6" 55W HID... NEED TO GO!!!

    Exterior Parts
    I have 4 of the 6" KC 55W HIDs these things are super bright and cost around $1,300.00 for a pair(2), they are all stainless steel, 2 of them are a driving beam pattern, and the other 2 are flood beam pattern. I had these on my F250 when I had my rollbar in my bed but since I have taken it off I...
  10. Bodyguard front bumper/Recon winch install

    99-03 7.3L Exterior Discussion
    I have a '99 4wd F350 that I've been keeping clean while I decide how to upgrade it. I decided to start with the front. I like the bull bar/baja look, but I didn't have the money for a road armor or fabtech replacement bumper. Being in Texas, I'd seen alot of ranchhand bumpers but didn't like...
  11. LED help!!!!!!!

    99-03 7.3L Exterior Discussion
    Ordered the 60" scanning tailgate led light bar from recon off stealth automotive but i am not very good at electrical work... the flat four plug in is fine but i tried looking for a better write up to help with the white wire (backup lights) and red power wire (doesnt seem long enough to reach...
  12. whats a good aftermarket headlight???

    6.4 Electronics Discussion
    looking for a aftermarket hid headlight for my f250. any suggestion? thanks
  13. Used cab lights/mirror lights

    Exterior Parts
    Please read the whole article... I have my old cab lights and mirror lights from my 2008 F250. We attempted to tint the cab lights, but the nightshade cracked on them. They can easily be fixed with a little sand paper and a couple more coats. And i also have the turn signal lense's which are...