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  1. General 6.7 Discussion (2011-2016)
    Long time listener, first time caller. I purchased a 2014 F250 CC Platinum about a month ago. I have since installed an s&b intake, 5" DP back exhaust, and EZ Lynk tuner with GDP tunes. I keep getting mixed info from GDP in regards to what kind of boost pressures I should be seeing. I peak...
  2. General Diesel Discussion
    2003 6.0, EGR delete 140k. Still running stock head studs and gaskets 185k. No programmer (yet). Im running a PSI coolant test now. It runs 12 psi all the time at 180 degree coolant temp. After normal warm up (truck reaches 180), I can remove the cap, bleed off pressure and it'll stay right...
  3. 6.4 Motor Problems
    Hey guys I just bought my 6.4 a couple months ago. While going down the road unloaded the turbos seem to be louder then they sould. It drowns out the engine completely. It becomes worse when I shift into 4th gear around 39-42 mph. It also will boost around 15-20 and only get to 30psi at WOT...
  4. Early 99 Discussion
    Hi All, I just threw $450 into AE today, but I'm curious of something. When cranking, is it ideal for the HPOP Pressure to reach 3000-3500 psi? I have an HPOP gauge installed and that is what it reaches when it's cranking.
1-4 of 4 Results