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  1. Help: Measuring for Dual Front Shocks

    General 6.4L Discussion
    Ok, so I want to do a dual front shock setup on my 2010 with an 8" lift. I have a ProComp lift so I want to go with the ProComp mounting bracket. However; it's not sold with shocks. I want to go with the Bilstein 5165 shocks. I know they will need to be custom valved. The problem comes at, I...
  2. Dual Shock Suspension

    General 6.4L Discussion
    So, I'm interested in doing a dual shock setup on my 2010. I want the one shock in front and one shock behind the spring look. I'm wondering is it's as simple as I think I have found? Just buying a dual shock hoop that goes around the spring and then mount your choices of shocks?:dunno: I...
  3. Hey there from Ga! New owner and new member!

    So, I just got my truck a month ago and finally got around to getting on the forum! I had an F-150 before and was on the forums for that and loved it, so I can only imagine that this is better considering how much better the trucks are! A little about me. I'm 23 and live in Ga. I just...
  4. Need help with lift and wheel combo

    Suspension & Steering
    Hey ,I have a 2011 Ford F350 6.7 PS and I'm wanting to run 22x12 wheels with a -40 offset and 5" backspacing with 35x12.50 tires . I'm looking to run this setup with the least lift i can , eventually ill do a 6 inch lift but for now i'm looking at a leveling kit or maybe at most a 4 inch lift if...
  5. 08-10 ProComp stage II 6" lift

    Suspension Parts
    I purchased this lift used with 10K on it, but ended getting a 4" so this is just sitting around taking up space. It's in excellent condition and comes with everything except shocks. Radius arms, drop pit,an arm, rear blocks, hardware included, etc... I don't have a means to ship it at my...