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  1. Buying a 6.0

    General 6.0L Discussion
    So I’m thinking about trading my car for a 2005 f250 king ranch with the 6.0 powerstroke. The truck has had the motor swapped with one with lower mileage. The body has 320k and the motor 120k. I’m just wondering if i should be worried about anything? Also if y’all have any suggestions as to what...
  2. Need help with injector coil

    6.0L Problems Forum
    Hello, I'm new in this forum... I leave in Brazil... so apologize me the bad english! I use a Powerstroke 6.0 in my RV E450 2009. I needed to replace a injector because one coil is damaged in short circuit. After the replacement the engine runs ok for about 10 miles and the coil of the new...
  3. First post need input!

    6.0 Motor problems
    Hey all, This is my first post but I've been browsing the forum since my purchase of my late 04. I got the truck from a good friend of mine about a year ago and it ran perfect at the time of purchase and the whole time he has owned the truck (I know because I have spent a lot of time with the...
  4. How to test the HPOP?

    General 6.0L Discussion
    It's a 2005 powerstroke 6.0L. It ran very badly with with very little or no power, now it finally just does not start. OBD2 reader gives the P2285 error code. Injector Cntrl Pressure Sensor Low. I finally decided that it only could be HPOP. So I took the turbo and some other stuff out of the way...
  5. help please. flutter problem

    6.0L Problems Forum thats a video of the problem. rpms flutter in park as well when i step on pedal. and turbo flutters as well even at low boost in park. makes a very annoying turbo boost noise that goes up and down...
  6. Front Covers for 6.0 powerstroke 2003-2011

    Performance & Drivetrain Parts
    We have hard to find front covers in stock and ready for immediate delivery. They are used but have been thoroughly cleaned and inspected. $275.00 plus $35.00 shipping to continental U.S. Before you call, please determine whether the water outlet is in the 3:00 position or is tilted down at...
  7. Front covers for 2003-2011 6.0 IN STOCK

    6.0 Motor problems
    We have a supply of BOTH STYLES of front covers for sale. They are used but have been thoroughly cleaned and inspected. Several Ford dealerships have been buying them for their own service departments. $275. plus $35.00 shipping to continental U.S. *Limited Supply Before you call, please...
  8. WTB - Long Block 6.0 core engines

    We buy stripped down Long Blocks. Take the injectors, turbo, pumps and covers off and we will buy what's left. We will pay you the same as we pay for core engines at the various core suppliers that we buy from. We are not looking to buy your junk. If the block has a hole in it or a connecting...
  9. 2003 ford excursion 6.0 diesel

    6.0 Motor problems
    Hi every one I'm new to site. I have a 2003 ford excursion with 6.0 in it with 4in exhaust sct livewire ts. Truck only has 130400 miles on it. It was all stock when I got it it runs really good with the sct tuner on it but at wot it cuts out here and there. My icp pressure is 3078 at wot. Seems...
  10. New to Diesel Advice

    General 6.0L Discussion
    Hey Guys. I'm new to the world of diesel and in need of a little advice. I found a 2006 F350 6.0L Powerstroke King Ranch with Banks Power that has 144,000 miles for $15k. I know these diesel engines can surpass 300k miles easy and I even have a buddy who has one with near 400k miles. This...
  11. Acceleration Problems Please Help its Important!

    Engine 911
    I have a 2003 F250 Crew cab short bed 4x4 6.0l Powerstroke V8! The problem is that when I go at a steady pace, then I stop and my truck has trouble accelerating again. I puts the pedal down more and nothing happens. I changed the fuel filters, changed the oil and even put a new ICP sensor on...
  12. NO power at highway speeds 55+ mph

    6.0 Motor problems
    I have a 2003 F250 ccsb FX4 6.0 203,000 miles, i have had it just over a year and it has been a awesome truck... until now. it starts up perfectly and runs smooth, accelerates fine and has good, or what i believe to be good, power at slower speeds. When i get it up to 50-55 mph it has no more...
  13. Need Help Guys (new owner)

    General 6.0L Discussion
    I have a 2007 F250 6.0 with a 5" turbo back exhaust and was looking for the best head studs, turbo, performance injectors and tuner for it. Any ideas would be great!
  14. 2003 F-550 Crew 12' flatbed *NEW ENGINE

    2003 F-550, crew cab, 2wd, dually, automatic with 12' flat bed. Meticulously maintained by big corporation. I bought this truck with a cracked head and crankcase pressure (cracked piston) so they traded it in on a new one. This truck's condition is about 95% inside and out and it's got a...
  15. EGR Delete and Head Studs

    6.0L Performance Parts Discussion
    I just bought a 2004 6.0 with 128,000 miles. It came with a K&N intake on it already and recently I put on a 4" straight pipe (turbo back). I want to do the EGR delete so I just purchased the Sinister Diesel kit. My questions is what else do I need to make my truck reliable and ready for a tune...
  16. 2004 Powerstroke Very Rought Idle on cold Start and light blue smoke

    6.0L Problems Forum
    Ok so here is whats going on, about this time last year i noticed that my truck was taking longer to start than normal. Well after living with it for 6 months I had a very rough idle when cold and also a missing when warm, 3 injectors went out (4,5,6), so i replaced them. Well about two days...
  17. 2007 6.0L Engine and 5R110 Transmission with NP271-F

    Performance & Drivetrain Parts
    2007 6.0L Engine and (2003?) 5R110 Transmission with NP271-F. The engine has less than 10000 miles. I purchased the engine and the transmission from an auto-recycler in Jan 2008. I sold the truck this was suppose to go in and it has been sitting in my garage since. The EGR delete and ARP studs...
  18. Strange injector problem

    Engine 911
    One of my customers installed a reman 6.0 Powerstroke engine. Everything was great but within a couple weeks, he had a rough runner. The shop (Ford Dealership) determined that combustion somehow got past the brass washer and burned the o-ring on the injector. A new injector was put in and a...
  19. Strange injector problem

    6.0 Motor problems
    One of my customers installed a reman engine. Everything was great but within a couple weeks, he had a rough runner. The shop (Ford Dealership) determined that combustion somehow got past the brass washer and burned the o-ring on the injector. A new injector was put in and a couple weeks...
  20. Special price on 6.0L reman engine ending soon

    Engine 911
    Just in case anybody out there needs an engine, I wanted to let you know that we have a $400. discount through July 31st only. Standard Bore long blocks only $4,495. Visit our web site at Asheville Engine Rebuilders - Home