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  1. Ebay - Ford Diesel Related ONLY
    Came off a 2004 ford f250 6.0 powerstroke with only 94k miles 2004 Ford F250 Super Duty Stock Pistons for 6 0 Powerstroke | eBay
  2. 6.4 Motor Problems
    I will make this short; at 73K, my dually ate the number 3 & 4 pistons. I was doing 55MPH steady speed, hauling 10K lbs. trailer and hay, EOT of 203, 20lbs turbo. Apparently the harness for the glow plugs came out which accounted for the flowing oil but only damage to motor was cracked pistons...
  3. Performance & Drivetrain Parts
    These are pistons that I had bought originally for my Super 7.3 build, but but after a test fit, I had to get the lower deck height pistons to keep my compression where I wanted it. These are brand new, never used Mahle .020 overbore Piston, Pins, and rings that have been treated the...
1-3 of 3 Results