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  1. IDM codes detected, IDM fault

    99-03 7.3 Motor Problems
    i just added to my fleet a 2000 7.3 dually with 343*** miles on her. manual trans and everything is stock I believe. I picked the truck up for 800 bucks. first off its been sitting for a couple years, I put fresh batteries in it and checked all the fluids and bard over the engine first before I...
  2. Fail cylinder contribution test pass buzz test?

    94-98 7.3 Motor Problems
    In need of help again guys... Truck has been running ruff,lack of power,missing,just different. I have replaced icp, cps(3 times),and tested all injector ports on valve cover plugs with ohm meter.all checked out good. Had my dad bring home scanner passed buzz test then I did a cylinder...
  3. Running fine then rough p1298

    Engine 911
    Ok well here goes. Was driving home was low on fuel but shouldnt have been empty. It started missing like I was out of fuel so immediatly I stoped and got fuel. Still no better. Scanned it got Intermittent Cam Position Sensor and P1298 IDM Fault. Changed Cam Sensor and UVC harnes. No change...