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  1. 2006 6.0L P0069 code

    6.0 Motor problems
    Hi All, I looked though this forum and can't find any troubleshooting information on the P0069 Map Barometric pressure correlation error my truck is getting. Problem: Over the past week my truck got 2 Amber Check engine lights during cold morning start. Checked DTC with SCT X4 programmer and...
  2. P0069 is driving me crazy

    6.0 Motor problems
    Hi everyone, after an extensive research for days i decided to make a post here and see if someone else have had this problem. any information would be helpful ill try to make this as short as possible. 2006 F350 6.0. i have a code "P0069 MAP - Barometric pressure correlation" and "Exhaust...
  3. 04 F350 several codes. low power.

    6.0L Problems Forum
    OK, here goes. I have a 2004 F-350 crew cab dually King Ranch with a 6.0 Diesel engine manufactured in November of 2003. I have been having power issues for a while. Here is what is happening: 1. Cranks great but then has very little power on take-off and while driving. Hot, cold engine or...
  4. EBPS and MAP?

    6.0 Motor problems
    Got MIL for EBPS monday(12/31) pulled off the tube cleaned, stuck a pick up into the elbow type thing and pulled out some carbon buttoned her up and drove. Noticed surging this morning checked for codes and i have p0069 map/baro correlation. Pulled EBPS on lunch(hoping still had carbon) sure...