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  1. General 6.7 Discussion (2011-2016)
    I am creating this seeking advice/information regarding the purchase of my next truck. I am trying to decide between going for a diesel 6.7 or the 1/2 ton gas engine. Ill supply backround to help explain my situation. Budget: 23-28k Ill start by saying personally I would like my next truck...
  2. Suspension & Steering
    I'm writing an article on pickup snowplow prep for a couple business/equipment magazines and was hoping to make contact with a few Snow Belt Ford-owning contractors/landscapers for plow setup insights. Any Super Duty work truck owners out there who can assist?
  3. Suspension & Steering
    I'm wanting to lift my 1997 2wd OBS 7.3 and I'm looking for options to do it since the names I really know in the business is BDS and Rough Country don't make kits for me. BDS only makes a TTB 4x4 kit and RC only makes F150 and 90's Ranger 2wd kits. I have a straight axle if that helps y'all...
  4. 6.0L Powerstroke Interior Discussion
    Has anyone tried to or know of a way to mount a SCT touchscreen tuner in the "mini-glovebox" :dunno: (the storage comp just below the aux switches and trailer brake). I saw that there was a company making these types of mounts for the 6.4s that replaces the fold down cup holders. But havent...
1-4 of 4 Results