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  1. 6.4L Performance Parts Discussion
    Hey all, as I've said before I'm running an SCT 9625OR tuner with the Innovative Diesel Xtreme Race tune (EGR/DPF/CAT delete, AFE intake). I got a call yesterday to pull a buddy's jeep out of a ditch in a creek ( Jeep Stuck in Creek - Imgur ) and so went down there and first hooked up to him...
  2. Southwest
    November 24th, 0845 4914 Gorman School Rd, Gorman, ca Address is up above and that's the meeting spot, Let me know whose all going! if you need more info, email me: [email protected] ill get you all the information you need!
  3. General 6.0L Discussion
    I have a 2006 f350 with a 6" lift, crew cab and long bed. my rig weighs around 8,000 lbs, so soft rubber tires get shreaded. I do mostly highway driving but i want something that looks badass and will perform when i take it off road. I really like the superswamper SSRs, but I was wondering what...
  4. Suspension Parts
    I have a skyjacker 15 inch lift that's currently on a 2001 ford super duty. I'm going in a different direction and needing a smaller lift for I'm getting into sled pulls. Cash and or trades are welcome :scuffy
  5. Trucks
    ***PRICE REDUCED!!*** I have a 2005 F-250 6.0 Powerstroke diesel Super Cab pickup with the 8' long bed, goose neck tow ball (permanent, mounted in bed) for sale BELOW "trade-in" value. 91,000 miles for sale at $14,500! 100% stock powertrain and power plant with zero mechanical problems nor...
  6. 6.4 Electronics Discussion
    I have a Boss Hog front replacement and im looking for off road lights to mount on the front, like in front of the grille. any ideas??
  7. Video/Movie Forum
    These are all takin at Sand Mountain Utah, at little sahara sand dunes riding my YFZ 450 and my Banshee
  8. Diesel Diagnostics
    I have an '04 f250 and my 4H and 4L switch lights up on the dash cluster but in all reality the 4 wheel drive did not kick in. What is the problem and what is the solution? Thanks for all input. Much appreciated.:icon_ford:
  9. Trucks
    k, could not use the ebay tag along ad, had issues with my pics, oh well, need to sell guys, got a older but much more babied dually, yeah believe it a dually that had a sweet life, 99 model, kept under a carport, only 79k on it, she is sweet, paid for the sweetness too, much more than am askin...
  10. WCS GTG events/info
    Hey WCS members... Post your ideas for future meets and G2Gs, it can range from next month to 3 months and so on. jsut post your ideas. I think we need to have a off road meet for everyone who rides, drives, or enjoys off roading. So locations could be?... Prarie city (as mentioned b4) Sand...
1-10 of 12 Results