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  1. Another 6.0 no start

    6.0 Motor problems
    I have a 06 6.0 that just has randomly shut down and when I go to turn the key there's nothing. If I work the key on and off repeatedly for a minute straight I can get it to crank and it hits right off and then will run for a minute then randomly shut down again. Anyone experience this or know...
  2. 7.3 and Zf6 Parts

    Performance & Drivetrain Parts
    Parting out 7.3 motor and selling a 2wd Zf6 Complete Motor in running condition Injectors Pcm Radiotor Intercooler Pipes Turbo Sensors Rust free oil pan valve covers etc. Any reasonable offer will be accepted Text is easiest Thanks Zach 414 630 5044

    911 Urgent Situations
    I have a '03 6.0 . It was running fine and then it lost power one day.I figured low FP.I had the oil and filter(motorcraft) changed,and also replaced both fuel filters. I dropped the tank and found my original filter on the sending unit had decitigrated.I cleaned out the tank thoughrolly and...
  4. Looking to buy a 6.0

    General 6.0L Discussion
    So I pretty close to pulling the trigger on a 2006 F250. The truck has already had some work done that I will detail below. It also has some "hiccups" as the dealer says. I'll get into those too. I've done some research, but I'm looking for ideas on the "hiccups". I think I've been able to...

    Performance & Drivetrain Parts
    My buddy has a fleet of 7.3s ranging from 1993 to 2002 so any of the 7.3 engines will work. Basically he wants to buy a whole bunch of them (20) not only to teach his 12 year old how the internals of an engine works, but he wants a bunch of spare parts laying around. Even if you don't have them...
  6. Trade 2004 6.0 engine missing. Injectors and turbo for???

    The Swap Meet
    I have a 04 6.0 engine that is the cleanest one I have seen. Only has 70k on it.was going to drop it into a my 68 f100. Changed plans. A buddy wanted injectors so sold them. Then he needed a turbo. Everything is good on it. Never turned up. I sold injectors and turbo already. I have a almost...
  7. 6.0 Motor for Sale with 5r110 Transmission

    Performance & Drivetrain Parts
    For Sale: 6.0 power stroke and transmission with 230,000 miles out of a 2004 Excursion. Just had IDS run and has not lost a pound of compression. Pulled out to do a cummins swap. Email Robert at [email protected] for more details. Asking $4000 for both. Local pick-up only in New Orleans area...
  8. Slow warm up at idle

    6.0L Problems Forum
    F350 6.0 powerstroke. I work up northern alberta and have never had a problem with the motor warming up after starting in -40. Now its spring time and warm outside but my truck is having alot of trouble getting warm enough to drive. Even after driving it feels like its legging/ less power and my...
  9. trucks making weird noise

    6.0L Problems Forum
    I just recently purchased a 2003 f350 powerstroke. Lucked out and found one with 26k on it. First day driving it, going along at about 50mph when I started giving the truck throttle and started feeling it skipping. Angry I stuffed the gas only to have it happen again. I pulled over and let the...
  10. keeps dying?

    6.0 Motor problems
    2005 f350 6.0 jumping transmission motor keeps dying blinking tow haul light but no diagnostic errors??
  11. "Ticking noise" coming from the rear driver side underneather

    6.4 Motor Problems
    I have a 08 F-250 with about 123,000 on it. I got a ticking noise is coming from the driver side of the truck, closer to the firewall and it's coming from underneath the truck. It doesn't do it when i first start the truck and it's cold. It comes after I drive the truck around and comes when I'm...
  12. F250 installing a used Short Bus motor

    99-03 7.3 Motor Problems
    So my 2002 F250 motor is "dusted" at 213K miles, major white smoke at startup, lots of blow by, low compression on #8, etc. Most likely it is the rings. So I began my search for a new or replacement motor several months ago. Due to cost reasons, I settled on a used motor. I ended up...
  13. Diesel from waste motor oil

    Bio-Diesel/Alternative Fuels and Supplements
    Hi , read a couple of old posts on here and needed to share some info ; I have been distilling used engine oil for a few months now, and wanted to let you know that ; 1. Both vehicles are running fine. 2. The Toyota seems to run even better than on regular diesel. 3. Producing approx 2lts...
  14. Intermittent Serious Hesitation on Acceleration

    6.0 Motor problems
    This is my problem...first off i have an 06 f350 6.0 with 35,000 on it. Problem: After the truck has been driven for approx 20-30 min and is up to good operating temp it has random but severe hesitation. Most often this happens when starting from a stop but also sometimes when getting into the...
  15. Problem! Hesitation then Surging Forward!

    6.0L Problems Forum
    :dunno:If anyone can point me in the right direction or in the exact direction I would really appreciate it!!!! My truck is a 2006 6.0 totally stock with 36,000 miles... My truck has a very heavy throttle hesitation. This happens pretty regularly in two instances. The truck must be at...
  16. A few questions from a newbie

    6.0 Motor problems
    I recently (few months ago) bought my first diesel, 2004 6.0 stroke. I had a couple concerns I was wanting to ask about. 1) in the morning, I start it and wait for about a minute for it to warm up alittle, and when I drive it feels like the gears are really long or it doesn't want to shift real...