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  1. 6.7 Performance Parts Discussion (2017-2019)
    There is little to zero info/guide on how to install the replacement front mounted Mishimoto oil cooler kit. Plenty of info on the radiator and trans cooler. Has anybody done the oil cooler conversion? I would love to get pics/videos and/or links to ANY info on how to install. Thanks for your help
  2. 94-99 7.3 Repair Help
    I want to upgrade my transmission cooler on my 97 F350. Was curious if anyone here has done it them selves and what advise they have for me. I am interested in what brand transmission cooler yall might have used. Parts numbers and any advise please. Thanks yall!
  3. 6.0L Performance Parts Discussion
    I have done a bit of searching and thanks to the 7.3 using the 6.0 cooler any hope of finding my answer I think is lost. I have a 2003 F250 with the 6.0 in it. I am looking at replacing the Radiator and Intercooler with the Mishimoto set. While I am doing this I am questioning if I want to...
  4. General 6.7 Discussion (2011-2016)
    Actually by a factor of 2. 4th radiator is now in truck, 3rd Mishimoto. $100 for shipping each time, and oh yeah, they don't install themselves... Have only changed my wiper blades once, Sil-Blade. They seem to last as long as a set of tires. Will be changing both out here in a month or...
  5. 6.7 Performance Parts Discussion (2011-2016)
    It Takes Two! – Ford 6.7L Super Duty Secondary Radiator R&D, Part 1: Factory Review and 3D Models Whether we’re talking about turbochargers on an F-150 EcoBoost, V8 engines in an offshore powerboat, drummers in the Allman Brothers Band, or pieces of Carvel™ Ice Cream Cake for dessert on my...
  6. 6.4L Performance Parts Discussion
    I normally don't blast a company but I have zero issues with providing my honest opinion after dealing with them by email. I bought Dieselsite intercooler boots for my 6.4 Powerstroke because I had issues with the stock Ford silicone boots on my previous 6.0 Powerstroke. I had the boots on my...
  7. 6.0L Performance Parts Discussion
    Does anyone know if the 15 degree difference change if you have a aftermarket all aluminum radiator? or is the rule the same? I'm just wondering if its a larger difference or if its the same temperature difference.
  8. 6.0L Performance Parts Discussion
    I recently purchased a completely stock 04 6.0 with 125k miles on it. Never had a tune or anything. I put together a rough list of everything i want to do with it. I planned on pulling every so often but mostly taking it to the track. I was wondering if anyone on here could give me and estimate...
  9. 6.0 Motor problems
    hey guys. recently ive done some maintenance/ minor upgrades on the ol girl... replaced cracked Y-pipe, oil change to rotella t6, coolant flush (made sure to use distilled for final flush and motorcraft gold coolant), fuel filters, mishimoto 200 thermostat, and TSD daily street tune... and it...
  10. Performance & Drivetrain Parts
1-10 of 10 Results