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  1. 6.7 Electronics Discussion (2011-2016)
    2011 F350 Lariat Power Mirrors Ext/retract d/n work .. GOOD FUSE & interior lights HI - newbie here....I've used and searched this forum for years when I owned my 2006 F350 6.0 PSD 4x4 ... and it's ALWAYS been very helpful. I recently joined because I need some expert help and cannot find...
  2. 6.4 Electronics Discussion
    Hi folks changed out my 2008 small non towing mirrors for 2009 power fold Ford fd250 mirros. Seemed to function fine except no power telescope or fold. I found that I was missing the switch on driver door for the fold dah! I put thatin but noticed the wiring harness from mirror has no extra...
  3. Body 911
    My drivers side power seat, mirror adjust and pedal adjustments have stopped working. Searched high and low and found similar threads (different year and models) and must thread suggest a bad splice in a orange wire with a light green stripe coming from the fuse box. Seems consistant response on...
  4. 99-03 7.3L Exterior Discussion
    Color issues with wiring power mirrors? I'm trying to wire up a set of power mirrors on my dually. Trouble is, the wires coming from the door harness are purple, green, and yellow and the wires on my mirror are red, black, and dark blue. I've been unsuccessful with getting the correct...
  5. 6.7 Exterior Discussion (2011-2016)
    Hey guys, I am wanting to change my chrome tow mirrors to black. Its on a 2012 F250 Lariat. I know painting chrome is tricky. I heard it was not a cap but it was a whole piece. Anyone know for sure? Does anyone have tips for painting if it is not a cap?
  6. 6.0L Exterior Discussion
    Does anybody have a good website to find upgraded mirrors. I have a 2006 f-350 and want the new mirrors, and personally i believe they look better then the older ones that are on there now. Appreciate it if any body can help!!
  7. General 6.4L Discussion
    so this may be a stupid question but here goes. my girlfriend's 94 crown victoria has a keypad on the door (just like me) and you can set "custom adjustments" to different codes, like seat adjustments, and mirrors. is this possible on my 08? like can i have everything set to my driving on one...
    If anyone has or can point me in the direction of a 08 Tailgate preferably white but doesnt have to be, 08 Mirrors same prefer white, a late 2003 6.0 turbo or a Powermax, gauges (boost, ECT, EOT, and or Tranny), or 05 up Harley headlights (or someone to paint mine lol) I am very interested in...
1-8 of 12 Results