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  1. Lone Star Powerstrokes
    I'm trying to see who's all in for a meet up on Saturday 11/30. Me and a couple old stroker friends of mine are gonna be getting together for some eats and drinks that night and I was just seeing of any of our local strokers ( Houston TX ) might be interested in joining! The location will be...
  2. Lone Star Powerstrokes
    The stickers have already been paid for to the printer earlier this month. I was contacted by the place yesterday and has been brought to my attention that the font is causing an issue on the cutting/peeling. I have already contacted the person who supplied me the original images to see if it is...
  3. Lone Star Powerstrokes
    Just trying to organize around here. I know Heart of Texas was the last to have a sub structure but not aware or heard updates from the other regions. So I'm making this thread to lay it out and be updated over time. Main state of Texas group name is "Lone Star Powerstrokes". State wide...
  4. Lone Star Powerstrokes
    This forums been kinda quiet here lately. What's everyone up to?
1-4 of 4 Results