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  1. General 6.7 Discussion (2017-2019)
    I picked up a 17 power stroke. How much power can these trucks make on stock fuel system? I plan on fully deleting and tuning the truck. Looking at FASS and Airdog lift pumps. Any advice or suggestions? Looking to eventually make 700-750 wheel HP. Also, do these lift pumps automatically...
  2. 6.0L Performance Parts Discussion
    I am looking to upgrade away from stock HFCM pump under the frame rail to a Fass or Airdogg. I have head studs, blue spring, straight pipe exhuast, afe intake, also adding sump with the new lift pump I get, SCT programmer(usually run the performance tune for better fuel economy, but stock...
  3. 6.0 Motor problems
    So I have an air dig lift pump on my 2006 6.0. This last week the weather got cold and my truck started to gel and blew the fuse for the lift pump. My rail pressure stayed normal until I ran out of fuel in the airdog filters then the truck died. I got it running but I’d like to have a pillar...
  4. 99-03 7.3L General Discussion
    I'm a newbie here and to diesel tech in general. I now have a 2000 F-350 7.3L that I acquired to pull a race car with. This weekend I was driving it and it started blowing fuel from underneath it and completely dumped a bunch of fuel somewhere from around the back of the engine area when I...
  5. Performance & Drivetrain Parts
    Selling a brand new, never installed fuel pump and hard lines which I purchased from I sold my 97 and have no use for these anymore. 150 Shipped for both parts
  6. 6.0 Motor problems
    Instead of dropping tank to replace the fuel pump in my '04 EX, can I install an a pump on the frame rail and leave the old pump in the tank? Just trying to save some money and make it easier in the future if it fails again. Thanks for any help!
  7. 94-98 7.3L General Powerstroke Discussion
    On a 95 7.3 how do you know you have your banjo bolt in right when you install a new lift pump?
  8. Engine 911
    Hey guys. I just needed a bit of knowledge. The other day I was going down the road when my truck lost 90% of power and was missing like crazy. It would idle with a light gray-blue smoke bellowing. My automatic thought was a fuel related or timing issue. I replaced the CPS and Lift Pump with...
  9. 6.0 Motor problems
    The truck has studs oil cooler egr delete and just replaced the icp sensor, yesterday I was drivin and it died, it turns over fine butbwont completely fire up if you havr any ideas of whar it might be plzzzzzzzzzzz let me kno.
1-9 of 9 Results