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  1. 6"-8" BRAND NEW rear leaf springs: 99-07 Ford Super duty

    Suspension Parts
    Brand new never installed Rubicon Express rear leaf springs for 99-07 Ford super dutys. awesome springs i bought to complete my lift kit and ditch the blocks. instead ended up getting rid of the lift. springs are designed for a 6" lift but can be adjusted to bigger with stock blocks. Text...
  2. f350 leafspring on a f250

    Suspension & Steering
    Is this a good or bad idea upgrading my 04 f250 leafsprings to the ones used on a f350. I tow two different trailers both are ball hitch, 1 is 4500lbs and the other is 9,960lbs. The truck sags under both loads. Is this caused by wornout OEM leafsprings? Thanks Ray