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ipr sensor

  1. 6.0 IPR difference?

    6.0L Problems Forum
    Will the 05 and later 5C3Z IPR work in an 03? I recently purchase one and the ad said for 03-08 6.0. Now Ive found another document that says the 03-04 uses an 3Cxx number.
  2. Dirty IPR Valce Screen Question

    6.0 Motor problems
    I am in the midst of changing my IPR to cure my stalling out while driving problems, and after removing it I noticed that the filter was covered with garbage. I have seen this mentioned in numerous threads, but none mention what the debris is......While I'm in here and the turbo is out, should I...
  3. Sensor unplugged still shows pressure/voltage

    94-98 7.3L General Powerstroke Discussion
    96 f 250 7.3 turbo Autoenginuity scan tool w/ ford software Factory shop manuals DTC 1211 I have unplugged the ipc sensor. I do not understand why the scanner shows pressure and voltage readings with sensor uplugged. I have checked the shop manual for all the tests for shorts and opens. The...