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  1. 94-98 7.3L General Powerstroke Discussion
    My first post, and I'm trying to find out how many 1994.5 F-250 x-cab 7.3/5-sp's were branded with the International badges? Is there a place or way to find Production numbers? My truck has been restored to its original glory, but I would love to find some documentation on its collectability.
  2. General Diesel Discussion
    wondering if anyone on here collects antique tractors? my family was in the implement business for a long time and was a international dealer. I like them all but wouldn't want anything old beside a ih. dad and I enjoy this hobby especially the old boys. just wondering if there's anymore of us...
  3. 94-98 7.3L Exterior Discussion
    i just made a bad *** international emblem and a bracket to fit it with. im curious to see what other people have. anyone got pics of their int. emblems?
1-3 of 3 Results