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intercooler pipe

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    First post here sorry if this has been beaten to death. I have a ripped upper boot on the hot side and a cracked cold side pipe. Ford is on back order for god knows how long. I have been looking at pipe kits. Sinister, Mishimoto, AFE and BD diesel seem to be my options. With BD being the only...
  2. 6.4 Motor Problems
    Have a F-450 6.4. not a mechanic but try to do what I can to save money. I am driving the other day and am watching my tuner (edge) that I run on tune 2 when pulling my trailer. The EGT seems to be getting climbing small hills. I don't remember it doing this on the same hills before. Have...
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  4. Performance & Drivetrain Parts
    THIS IS FOR A 6.4. I have for sale a stock cold side (passenger side) intercooler pipe. I also have a few intercooler boots: lower hot side (driver side where IC pipe comes to intercooler, stock boot. upper cold side (passenger side where cold IC pipe comes to intake elbow, one stock and one...