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intake elbow

  1. S&B Filters
    Just got an S&B intake elbow for a 2004 6.0L turbo diesel. I've had the S&B filter for a while and love it so I also got the cleaning kit to clean the filter. Anyone have any good/bad experiences with the intake elbow?
  2. Performance & Drivetrain Parts
    i have a few different things for sale i have a direct bolt on 68mm perscion turbo for sale. 8500 miles on brand new turbo. i have a a set of full force 160cc/100% single shot stage 2's for sale. 11,000 miles on them. Also will have a stock intercooler for sale and a cfm culpret y intake for...
  3. 6.4L Performance Parts Discussion
    I found this EGR delete and intake elbow kit, it is pretty cheap, but would it get the job done? ive never done this before so i dont know if it has everything i need to properly do the delete and intake elbow. what do you guys think? EC64 Ford Powerstroke 2008 2010 6.4L EGR Cooler Delete Kit...