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  1. 6.4L Performance Parts Discussion
    Hey all, as I've said before I'm running an SCT 9625OR tuner with the Innovative Diesel Xtreme Race tune (EGR/DPF/CAT delete, AFE intake). I got a call yesterday to pull a buddy's jeep out of a ditch in a creek ( Jeep Stuck in Creek - Imgur ) and so went down there and first hooked up to him...
  2. 6.0L Performance Parts Discussion
    Back story: I grenaded my truck two years ago and have been gun shy to re-tune it. It is currently factorty rebuilt, MBRP 4" straight piped and Edge CTS with EGT's. Well I'm back on the kick and went to plug in my PPE Xcelerator and it wouldnt read the new strategy in my truck. After...
  3. Performance & Drivetrain Parts
    I have an Innovative Diesel 6.7L Power Flash for sale. I am running it currently in my truck, however I have opted to go a different direction. I paid $649 for it and would like to get $600. It has done everything that it is claimed to do. This is preloaded with Eric's tunes for the 6.7L...
  4. Performance & Drivetrain Parts
    Hey all! I have a BRAND NEW, SCT Touch Screen Xtreme for sale. I bought it for my 06 6.0 but due to issues with the truck I never got to hook it up and use it before I sold the truck. So I'm selling this never used, never paired SCT tuner it still has all of its unlocks left and has 3 IDP tunes...
  5. 6.0L Performance Parts Discussion
    Just wondering what speed extreme street usually shifts into overdrive? And I guess while I'm here what % firmer shifts is everyone running? Just trying to compare my setup to others. Thanks!
1-5 of 5 Results