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  1. 6.4L Performance Parts Discussion
    Hey all, as I've said before I'm running an SCT 9625OR tuner with the Innovative Diesel Xtreme Race tune (EGR/DPF/CAT delete, AFE intake). I got a call yesterday to pull a buddy's jeep out of a ditch in a creek ( Jeep Stuck in Creek - Imgur ) and so went down there and first hooked up to him...
  2. 6.4 Drivetrain Problems
    I have a 2010 F250, with about 29,000 miles. I have had the SCT Livewire with DPF delete and intake on my truck since about 5K miles. I have been running the extreme stock tune, just this week sent it to Eric at IDP for the custom tune package. I have been running now the Xtreme Race tune...
  3. General High Performance
    I currently am running the extreme street tune, planning on on picking up the extreme race tune, but was wondering is this a track only tune or is it gonna be easy enough on the tranny to run around town.
1-3 of 3 Results