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  1. 7.3L IDI (Non-Powerstroke) Diesels
    Hello all, I've been working on fixing up my newly acquired 1991 Ford E-350 IDI. I've been reading some articles and to my understanding, the engine in the F series is comparable to the E series, with some differences. The cooling system is pretty much the same, though, so a radiator designed...
  2. 7.3L IDI (Non-Powerstroke) Diesels
    looking for tips on tuning the steering box?
  3. 94-98 7.3 Trannie Problems
    So my trans is shot. And I’ve got quotes for about $2500 for a rebuild. $3000-$4500 for a new trans. Etc etc. Searching the ol web, I found a 1994 F-350 crew cab dually that had the 7.3 idi in it. With e4od. Truck is pretty straight just missing interior and the idi. Says it had 220k on trans...
  4. 7.3L IDI (Non-Powerstroke) Diesels
    I have a 1989 F-350 7.3 idi N/A With a E4OD automatic transmission. I’m looking to supercharge it for slightly more power but mostly for grins. Anyone have any idea on what supercharger/pulley I should use? I don’t have any supercharger experience, so thank you everyone in advance!
  5. 7.3L IDI (Non-Powerstroke) Diesels
    Hi everyone, I have an ATS turbo kit left over from a 1992 7.3L IDI which I never ended up installing. I purchased a running truck of the same year with the kit installed, and intended to swap everything over to my daily driver. The previous owner put about 1500 miles on it before buying a...
  6. 7.3L IDI (Non-Powerstroke) Diesels
    ive been doing a little research but am still unsure as to what brand radiator i buy, i dont want to buy something that everyone would look at as cheap yet i dont want to go spend 400 bucks on one. i have found some options on ebay for around 200- 300 bucks, but i dont want to purchase crap...
  7. Tranny 911
    ok so i am new to diesels. Just bought a 1993 F250 with the 7.3 non turbo 4x4. Just going to use the truck for hauling small stuff back and forth around town nothing major. I knew it had tranny issues when i bought it which is why i got it so cheap. The guy said the truck started out slipping...
  8. Diesel Diagnostics
    Ok, new to the forum so any help would be greatly appreciated. I just finished a bunch of work on an 86 F350 Dually 4x4. Including installation of a rebuilt ATS turbo from a 7.3 I picked up. I robbed the injectors and fuel filter base from that engine. with the injects I put in all new...
  9. 94-98 7.3L General Powerstroke Discussion
    I want to put a zf5 in my truck. I found two out of idis, one 2x4 and the other 4x4. My truck is 4x4 which I would need. Do the idi zf5s fit on a 7.3 powerstroke? Also, what would be needed to convert a 2x4 into a 4x4?
  10. 7.3L IDI (Non-Powerstroke) Diesels
    So I bought an idi with 162xxx miles. It has a leak on an injector line and is stripped on the injector side. Now do I have to replace the entire fuel pump because the male connector is stripped? And where can I find the injector lines? Apparently they're hard parts to find...
  11. 7.3L IDI (Non-Powerstroke) Diesels
    Ok. i have an 89 F350. i changed the master cylinder and the slave cylinder, and now i have about 1/2 the pedal. but no matter how much i pump it up or let it bleed i can't seem to get any more. any advice? i'm stumped at this point.
  12. General Diesel Discussion
    i am rebuilding my engine this summer and i wanted to know would a 2ton engine lift and stand be good for a 7.3l powerstroke or would i be better getting something bigger?
  13. Diesel Diagnostics
    Hi, new here. I couldn't find any info online. Like an idiot I labeled the order of the fuel lines at each cylinder but did not label the order at the injection pump. I did a head gasket job and now I can't figure out where each fuel line goes. Does anybody have photos or a drawing showing where...
  14. 7.3L IDI (Non-Powerstroke) Diesels
    Hey guys, i have a 94 7.3l IDI with 332,000 miles, and when I start it up it is really hard to start, an runs super rough. Also, it smokes like a freight train, all white diesel smoke, doesn't burn oil at all. Injectors and return lines were replaced about 25k miles ago. And it smokes when it's...
  15. 7.3L IDI (Non-Powerstroke) Diesels
    I own a '91 3/4 ext cab with a zf 5 speed manual tranny and 4x4, installed an ats turbo and heavyduty clutch and flywheel. Has 130k miles. While driving a few days ago, a loud knocking began then the motor died. I trieto turn it over once but nothing. I'm guessing it seized up. Dipstick wasn't...
1-15 of 15 Results