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icp sensor

  1. Surging, Pulsing, or Bucking while accelerating

    6.4 Motor Problems
    Greetings Everyone, I have a tune, intake, 5" exhaust, and dpf/egr delete. Runs great besides the surge/pulse on acceleration. This only happens at a certain rpm range. I think its 2200-2400 could be wrong about that ( will update to a precise rpm and mph later). I...
  2. 1996 f350 7.3 no start

    94-98 7.3L Problem Forum
    Hello everyone I have a 1996 f350 with the 7.3 i bought about 3 months ago, i have replaced the pcm, icm, icp sensor, hpop, overhaled the engine, had injectors tested, and the truck will not start, the injectors are not firing, iv got the code p1280, and hpop reads 2480psi when i turn it over...
  3. Truck shuts off when cold ICP unplugged helps

    6.0 Motor problems
    I have a 2004 ford f350 i did the egr delete on it and after it i started and it ran perfectly fine for a good 20 seconds then it shut off. but it will start right back up everytime. If i start it and rev it up to 1500-2000 RPM's it will stay running. i did the wiggle test and that did nothing...
  4. 2006 f350 6.0

    6.0 Motor problems
    Hello all . I am looking for some help with diagnosing my trucks problem. Heres what happened. three weeks ago I took my truck to the dealership bcuz it showed code p2290. I also had a hole in my radiator and they sed it would be covered under extended warranty. so this is what they did...
  5. ICP code? help!

    6.0 Motor problems
    i just bought an 03 f350 6.0 and after a week of having it the cel came on. i had it scanned and it is the icp sensor. everything was still running fine until tonight it started idling rough and running a lil rough. is this because of the icp? should i not drive it until that is fixed? and...
  6. 2001 7.3 (ICP?) Issues

    99-03 7.3 Motor Problems
    Long time lurker and first time poster. I bought a 2001 F350 7.3 Powerstroke 4x4 Crew Cab Short Bed a couple months ago. I just recently got stationed in New Jersey, and am new to the east coast. So the truck ran fine, the only problem I had with it when I bought it was the oil pan, it is rusted...
  7. Rough Idle

    6.0L Problems Forum
    OK I have tried doing my own research but I just can't get this one licked. I have an 05' F-250 6.0L. My truck runs fine (usually), cranks up fine (except once), and overall runs well. The only problem really is idling. In park and sometime in drive while at a dead stop, my RPM's will surge...