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hpop repair

  1. Mechanic says lots of parts needed for P1211

    99-03 7.3 Motor Problems
    First we go... 02 7.3 with 155,000 miles. About a month ago, my SES light came on while towing a long steep grade, but went off awhile later. I noticed that it lacks a little power while towing, but seems fine around town. I took it to a local mechanic and he tells me I need the...
  2. HPOP failures

    6.0 Motor problems
    Hey guys, I work for an ambulance company and we run e-350 with the 6.0L diesel engines. I've had 2 trucks now with failed high pressure oil pumps. I am wondering what are some of the things that I can do to prevent this. The oil is changed every 5000 miles, regular maintenance. We do run...
  3. Please help!

    6.0L Problems Forum
    Tommorrow i am going to replace the HPOP in my 2006 6.0 but i wanted to know if any one has a diagram on how to check the entire high pressure oil system. I know a person has to block off some port on one head then pressurize the other side but i just need to see some picture or something to...
  4. startup after egr delete, oil cooler and HPOP STC replacement

    General 6.0L Discussion
    I'm just finishing up on the EGR delete, oil cooler replacement, fuel pressure spring rreplacement and replacing the SCT fitting on the HPOP. Are there any special precautions or steps I need to take prior to starting the engine such as building oil pressure and fuel pressure? Any advice would...