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  1. P2291 HPFP replaced still low FP

    6.7 Problems Forum (2011-2016)
    Bought a 2011 F250 with a damaged HPFP. Threw only one code p2291 (low fuel pressure while cranking). FVCV was covered with metal shavings. Changed HPFP, FVCV, FPCV, FPR, LFP , all 8 injectors, programmed IQA with ids, dropped tank and cleaned it. bled the system by turning the key a few times...
  2. Metal in Fuel system & other questions

    6.4 Motor Problems
    I am in the process of Rocker arm replacement on my 6.4PS due to intake popping sounds that just started. Prior to starting the teardown, I did some diagnostic scanning using my AE Proline. Here are some of the results (from my head as my laptop is at work) Idle Fuel rail pressure = ~5500psi...
  3. inector Nozzle question?

    6.4L Performance Parts Discussion
    Looking at some 100% over injector nozzles, wondering if the stock HPFP can handle it. i know the stock HPFP after a 300hp tune is barely able to keep up. so dont know if id need other supporting mods, or just a dual fuelers/ uprgaded pump
  4. 6.4 Fuel issue?

    Diesel Diagnostics
    I have a 2008 f250 6.4 and had a code show up the other day p0088 which is fuel rail pressure to high. All of the problem I am having seem to have happened after I installed a spartan tuner. After returning the truck back to stock after being put into limp mode numerous times because of the...
  5. How much fuel can hpfp handle?

    6.4L Performance Parts Discussion
    As the title says. Got a KEM 310 tune and want to know how much I can throw at her until she goes
  6. 6.4 HPFP Failure No Warranty

    General 6.4L Discussion
    Long story short my 6.4's fuel was contaminated with dirt, probably from pumping fuel at a gas station somewhere. My fuel filters and oil are changed at frequent intervals. A couple dealerships want $9,000 to replace every component in the fuel system. It's not Ford's fault, it's not my fault...
  7. Rust in upper fuel filter bowl...what should I do?

    6.4L Problems Forum
    So I changed my filters last week on my new to me 2008 F250 (140k miles) after I purchased it and noticed some discoloration at the bottom of the upper fuel filter housing. I didn't think too much of it while changing the fuel filter until I read a post with some information about the...