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  1. F-250 Hood Vents/Louvers.

    6.0L Exterior Discussion
    Hey whats up guys? Just wondering if any of you guys ever wondered or tried to install hood vents/louvers on your hood. I really dont like the hoods that are out there for our trucks but would like to extract some heat from engine compartment with a little bit of style. I dont want to do...
  2. 04 6.0 Rood, Fender, Headlight and Grille

    Exterior Parts
    04 6.0 F250 red Hood, Passenger side headlight and fender, grille and bug deflector... Groton, CT.. Headlight 50 bucks, hood 150, fender 75, bug deflector $25, grille 75... Grille is body matched red from the factory...