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high pressure hose

  1. What to do. Fraud or Incompetence.

    Engine 911
    Help. Fraud or incompetence. What should I do? Some background.. First the Ford Dealer at home tells me I have a small main-seal leak just before I leave on vacation during a routine pretrip inspection and service. By the time I get to the Navajo Reservation it is dumping oil. OK, so I need a...
  2. Transmission Line Fitting - Broken

    6.0L Problems Forum
    I just noticed this today, seems it has been like this for a while. There are no leaks at all, but how risky is this? I'm thinking about just putting a band clamp over it for now. I don't think many shops (at least around me) have to machine to do this fitting, or is there a tool/kit I can...