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  1. Any thoughts on how to sell this thing?!

    6.4 Exterior Discussion
    Hey everyone!!! So I got an AMAZING deal on my new truck, but it came with a really nice RKI flatbed 5th wheel and a custom fuel tank instead of a regular bed. Yes it's extremely nice and would be perfect if I had stuff to haul, but I don't. I've been trying to sell the bed and just buy a...
  2. Tran's quit, No forward or Reverse.

    6.0 Trannie problems
    2005 f250 6.0 135k on truck. Used tranny installed @ 98k.Before I purchased. Unknown miles on tranny. Was driving 70 mph .slight clunk. Tow haul light flashed. Had towed home. No forward or reverse.
  3. Tow/Haul Light P0713 Code

    6.0 Trannie problems
    I've been having the tow/haul light flash a few times when starting the truck recently. It would flash until the tranny temp finally came above the cold, then everything would drive smoothly. Until the temp was normal the shifts were very hard and seemed to be in 'limp' mode. Yesterday the...
  4. vibration under accel when not in tow/haul

    6.0 Trannie problems
    just recently bought this truck it is an 03 f350 xl crew cab long bed. when i am accelerating or going up a hill when it is the higher gears i get a pretty good vibration. when i come off the gas it goes away or if i put it in tow/haul mode it goes away. any ideas on what the problem could be...
  5. Tow haul light not working

    6.0 Trannie problems
    So recently I put custom tunes on my truck. I bought the SCT used off of here and the did not know what his strategy was but I got it anyway and I lucked out on the strategy and it was able to work on my truck. The only problem I have is that after I put it on my tow haul light disappeared and...