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  1. Wrong gears?

    99-03 7.3L General Discussion
    I just bought a 7.3. It's on 38.5 Baja claws which are worn out. When I bought the guy selling it said it was regeared but didn't know what years were in it as he was the 3rd owner. How can I tell what's in it? Also I am putting new wheels and tires on it. 37x13.50x20, what gears should I have...
  2. 2 broken teeth on my 4.88 ring gear.

    What a Powerstroke is for, Towing and Hauling
    I'm new to this forum and have mainly just read other people posts to learn more about my 6.0 until now. I was coming home from a camping trip this weekend towing my toyhauler that was about 11,000 lbs. and broke 2 teeth on my ring gear. My truck has quite a few mods on it, but they are mainly...
  3. 99 F-250 Superduty Axles Builds & Projects
    My 1999 F-250 Front D50 needs an upgrade. There is a guy in my area selling an 1986 F-350 Front D60 and rear D70. Will the 86 front axle bolt right in my truck? Can i use my ring and pinion from the D50? (his is a 3.55 mine is 3.73) Is the D60 from 86 a "unit bearing"? I...
  4. 37s which gears from factory?

    General 6.7 Discussion (2011-2016)
    I'm fixing to bite the bullet and buy a 2013 f.250 and plan on running 37s within the 1st 3 months after getting it. I pull a goosneck about once a month total weight loaded down 15k max including trailer. Would the 3:55s be the best gear ratio for me?
  5. Tuner vs gears for my 2003 F350 7.3l

    99-03 7.3L Performance Parts
    I have a 2003 F350 7.3L with stock 3.73 gears running 315/75/16 tires. I want more power while I am pulling my 35 foot 5th wheel. Should I change my gears to 4.10 or install a tuner? If so what tuner should I get?
  6. Help with Gearing!

    6.0L Performance Parts Discussion
    I have a 2005 6.0L crew cab short bed and I recently added larger rims and tires. The truck got real sluggish and my MPG is at 10. I'm assuming the fix will need to come via gears, if the stock gears on my truck are 3.73's my guess would be to add 4.10's for the new set up. The new tires I'm...
  7. Towing/Lag Problem....

    6.0L Problems Forum
    I have an '05 F350 with 35" tires. It's my daily driver and I pull my 25' Travel Trailer every weekend in the summer. I've done APR studs, Cooler delete, Banks Intercooler, Exhaust and Intake, Edge evolution, and a new factory turbo, door tag says 3.73 gears... The issue I'm having is when I'm...
  8. RE-GEARING after throwing on 37's

    Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
    Strokers: Just threw on some nice 37"x13.5" TOYO muds. I can feel the hurt they are putting on my tranny. I think gears would help. What gears should I run for long distance runs to the desert and mexico (@ high speeds (65-85))? Also, any suggestion for other mods aside from gears? Thanks...
  9. no forward gears-solenoid? suggestions?

    99-03 7.3 Drivetrain Problems
    I have a 99 Powerstroke, and it is an automatic. I'm getting really frustrated because I was told that I needed a shift solenoid, but can't seem to find the actual part that I need. I have found a few variations on it, but still I am not sure. The transmission will still go just fine when i put...