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  1. WCS GTG events/info
    2011 West Coast Strokers 2nd Annual G2G meet. In Dublin, Ca (Bay Area Meet) Group Pix: Pictures by: Gabriel Cecil WCS Historian. (Lemme no if anyone needs me to take pix :thumb:) Truck group Pix: (JORDAN MESSING WITH STEVE)^^ Mikalas Car ^^...
  2. WCS GTG events/info
    Hey WCS members... Post your ideas for future meets and G2Gs, it can range from next month to 3 months and so on. jsut post your ideas. I think we need to have a off road meet for everyone who rides, drives, or enjoys off roading. So locations could be?... Prarie city (as mentioned b4) Sand...
1-2 of 2 Results