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  1. 6.4 Electronics Discussion
    Hi there, Anyone have a H&S Mini Maxx 6.8.32 or better software update? I just bought an MCC unlock to start building tunes and found out that I need to update my MM. I tried to get on the H&S website to update it and I think the website is down or gone! I have tried to find it on software...
  2. 6.4 Motor Problems
    :please:My 6.4 is knocking in runs fine no smoke:please: :please:i heard that the injectors can cause this:please: motor to sound like it had a bad crank bearing ?:dunno: if it is the injector how do i find out which one ?:(:(:(:(
  3. Custom Diesel,Inc
    Custom Diesel, Inc. is proud to announce our release on our Ford 6.4L EGR Delete Kit. This kit is 100% American Made right here in Morristown, TN and comes with our Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects. Here at Custom Diesel we provide our customers with Free UPS Ground Shipping on...
  4. 6.4 Motor Problems
    2 Days ago the check engine light came on when I was driving down the road. Checked for codes and it cam up with p0033-ff-pcm and p2000-00-pcm. The fuel economy has dropped from 15 to 9.2. The cleaning exhaust filter comes on but no white smoke coming from the exhaust like before.