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  1. General 6.0L Discussion
    I have heard that the Royal Purple Synchromax is a pretty good fluid to run so I was thinking about buying that, but after looking at it, I noticed that it is a manual transmission fluid. ATF is the "correct" fluid to use, but is using an MTF okay? Also, any other recommendations for a transfer...
  2. General Diesel Discussion
    This simple process helped me fix my windshield washer fluid so I thought I would post it just in case it might help someone else. My washer fluid didn't work at all...nothing would spray. First I started tracing my fluid lines and quickly hoped I could figure out another way to try to fix...
  3. 6.7 Motor Problems (2011-2016)
    We have a 6.7 at work that rarely needed any DEF, then it went in for a recall. Not it consumes much more. How much do your trucks go through? Thanks!
  4. 99-03 7.3L Powerstroke Problems
    Well I've developed a small power steering leak on my 02 7.3 and after further inspection it appears that I have the common problem of the power steering line rubbing against the shock tower until it ruptured. I have the new line and everything ready to go on. My question is, whats the best...
  5. 94-98 7.3L General Powerstroke Discussion
    So two days ago I was on a local highway (rt 8) and this older impala I think it was (it was at night) drove next to my side and wanted to race. So I figured what the hell... click click click (ts chip) and we went. Obviosuly, I'm not driving a H&S tuned 6.4 so he won. Well I got up next to him...
  6. 99-03 7.3L Powerstroke Problems
    Hey folks, 2001 7.3 with 150k on the engine. Was poking around under the hood and noticed a few very small black chunks floating in my degas bottle. Fluid levels are normal and the color is a very healthy clean green. I've looked around the site for a diagnosis, but can't find anything that...
  7. General 6.7 Discussion (2011-2016)
    wondering how long 1 tank last thanks:icon_ford:
1-7 of 7 Results