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  1. Diesel Diagnostics
    I have a 2005 F350 Superduty Powerstroke 6.0 Diesel with just now 50,000 miles on it. Started it and put into drive and it died as though it ran out of fuel (Had a full tank) It cranks but would not start again so I ran codes and got the following: 261, 264, 267, 270, 276, 279, 282, 336, 403...
  2. General 6.0L Discussion
    So I've been having #3 injector issues (DTC P0269 that will not go away) and after changing out the #3 injector the problem didn't go away and I started popping a P0611 (FICM performance fault). Went back and fourth for hours on what to do. I decided to call and noticed that the...
  3. 6.0L Performance Parts Discussion
    after chatting with dhanna6powerstroke, I finally solved my no start situation. I tried the FICM re-solder suggested by DR. Quad. did not help. I could not get the ficm voltage over 27. I went to the dealer bought the ficm 1/2 shell (part# 4c3z12b599BARM) net cost $438. Installed it in 4 hrs. I...
1-3 of 3 Results