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    Looking for a discontinued set of Fender Flares that I used to have. I have a 1999 F250, pretty sure there bushwhacker brand. Trying to find the exact ones, wide, smooth curve and tucked in the rear. Thanks guys pictures below!
  2. General 6.0L Discussion
    Looking for advice. I have 20x10 wheels with -24 offset, on top of that I have 305/55r20 Terra Grappler tires (so approx. 33x12 tires). The truck is in the works and is close to being done, has not seen the road with the new tires and wheels yet. I have recently heard a lot of bad things about...
  3. 6.4 Exterior Discussion
    i have an 08 that is starting to have rust bubbles but nothing breaking the clear coat.. i want to get the OE style fender flares (the small thin ones you see on two tone fx4 or king ranch they also call them street style) anyone have any remedy that was full proof to stop the rust in its...
  4. General 6.0L Discussion
    Hey y'all, I have a 2006 F350 XLT and I the rust is really starting to show through on the rear fender wells. I was wondering if any of y'all know if they make a fender flare where a person can cut out the rust and bolt on the new fender. Also having the same issue up in the front.
  5. 6.0L Exterior Discussion
    I bought some Street Scene fender flares last year, and finally had them color matched and installed. So far I am very happy with the fit and the looks of them!
  6. 6.0L Exterior Discussion
    So I decided to remove the factory chrome fender flares off my 2003 F350 today. They came off smooth and they were only held on via a few metal "straps". My problem is that the two front ones left behind black/dark lines where they used to be. You can definitely tell that there were fender...
  7. Exterior Parts
    I have the stock fender "flares" on my 2004 HD F250 that I am thinking of parting with. They are the "gunmetal" or "silver" color that was part of the black on Gunmetal scheme for that year. They have been on the truck for 126xxx miles, have some light scratches, (no gouging or busted/cracking)...
  8. 6.0L Exterior Discussion
    Hey folks, got a few questions. I know that in the F150 and F350 body's were different for like eight years before the 2006 model year. However I want to swap my bedsides with a set for the F150's from Fiberwerx. I can't stand bushwacker flares and want to run wider meats on my truck. They sell...
  9. Exterior Parts
    I need a LEFT front Bushwacker extend a fender for my f250 super duty. I also need a LEFT rear pocket syle . I also have 2 front pocket tyle flares left and right .They are used in good shape . Thanks [email protected]
1-9 of 9 Results