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  1. P0757

    6.4 Tranny Problems
    I just recently replaced my 03 F-250 6.0L, last 6.0 I will ever buy fyi, with a 08 6.4L with 120k miles. I purchased it from a dealer about 80 miles away. They offer a certified vehicle with a 30 day bumper to bumper warranty. The truck runs great got 20 MPG on the lie o meter on the trip home...
  2. P0272 injectors ???

    6.0 Motor problems
    I have a code throwing p0272 cylinder/balance fault I've been reading on it is it the Ficm or injector the truck shakes like its misfiring around 1200-1700 rpms and now it's doing it from any range it idles funny and has loss of mpg and power trying to figure this problem already bought an...