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f350 7.3

  1. Is a frame swap possible

    I have a 91 F350 regular cab. Dump body and V plow. 56,xxx original miles. I maybe drive 400 miles a year in it. I am the second owner and the first owner used it to plow his logging roads, haul firewood, etc etc etc. He installed a shift kit in the transmission. It is a Maine native, so it has...
  2. 01 7.3 oil in coolant??

    99-03 7.3L Powerstroke Problems
    Hi everyone, just bought my first diesel and am new to this forum. I purchased a 2001 f350 with the 7.3 with 153000 on it. The previous owner said that the oil cooler o-rings were bad and needed to be replaced. Could this cause oil to get into my coolant reservoir? It looks kind of black in...
  3. bds 6" higher in rear

    Suspension & Steering
    First off. . . Just bought my first truck. It's an 01 7.3 cclb and I'm on cloud 9. Proud to be a official member. Here's my problem. My truck has a 6" bds lift all around but the rear is 4.5" higher from top of the tire to the bottom of the wheel well and 6" higher from the ground to the...
  4. Ford f350 7.3 Diesel wont turn over

    94-98 7.3L General Powerstroke Discussion
    I have a Ford F350 7.3 diesel that wont start. I started it yesterday, drove to work, went to go to lunch and when i turned the key it barely turned over weeohhh woo woon then wouldnt turn over any more. i thought the battery was dead but i put it on the charger and it wont even turn over at...
  5. 2001 7.3 turbo question

    99-03 7.3L Powerstroke Problems
    I have the 01 7.3l F350 quadcab with 175,000 miles. Lately the lag from start is getting worse and I cannot hear the turbo whistle hardly at all. I also cannot hear my wastegate. Does this mean my turbo and waste gate are going out? The lag is pretty big if I step on it but a few seconds...
  6. 1999 Ford F350 7.3 Dually Lariat Edition

    1999 Ford F350 7.3 Liter Powerstroke Turbo charged Dually Diesel Lariat edition 4wd, 4 door Crew Cab, Longbed, has 2005 tailgate w/ step ladder, automatic, Aluminum rims, All Terrain tires almost new 146,807 miles, Shift on Fly 4wd with auto hubs, 30 inch speakers i the rear seat, AC blows cold...
  7. 1999 F350 7.3 no start after rear end collision

    Engine 911
    Ideas needed, PLEASE. Hubby rear ended on his way to work this AM. Damage to rear end not extensive. Truck Won't Start. Inertia switch appears to be NOT triggered (is IN position). Fuse #30 has power in & out. He can hear fuel pump running. Starter IS turning over. BUT... no starting...