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  1. 6.7 Problems Forum (2017-2019)
    I’m looking at buying a 2017 f250 it has 125k miles that’s the only thing scaring me I’ve seen a few posts of the last generation 6.7 or atleast the last gen body style getting really good longevity on the motor I was wondering if any one has any input on that year Truck and if 120k miles is a...
  2. General 6.7 Discussion (2011-2016)
    First things first I’m from Michigan and I’m looking at this late 2012 f250 lariat for 26k talked him down to 25k so far. it has 190xxx miles, it’s deleted has a H&S mini max, 5inch exhaust, and a absolute performance intake. He said he brought it up from down south 3 years ago and keeps it in...
  3. 6.7 Exterior Discussion (2020+)
    i will include where i bought it, part number, and a discount code that i got when i ordered. video shows how to remove old one and install new one. some screenshots of Ford Dealership I used for the "Best" price. Enjoy the video and thanks for watching!
  4. General 6.7 Discussion (2017-2019)
    Here is a link to the vehicle. Still waiting in the engine hours from the dealer. CarGurus - 2018 Ford F-250 Super Duty King Ranch Crew Cab 4WD - $37,500 thanks for your input!
  5. Introductions
    Hey Guys! So I have a 2011 F150 Platinum at the very second! Which some drunk driver smashed into the other day and now i'm just over it after repairs trading it in. Soooo thinking now to move on to a 2017 6.7L F250 SRW Platinum is the way to go! And hope for less problems and better luck!
  6. Introductions
    Hello. In the process of moving over from wheeling my 4 Runner to a 2012 6.7L Super duty (w/ a Four Wheel Camper). Finalizing a purchase on the 250 this week. Looking forward to the wealth of information here!
  7. Wheels and Tires
    selling platinum wheels and chrome lariat wheels if interested make me an offer. I'm in Ms. and would prefer pickup but for the right price i can ship them out.
1-7 of 7 Results