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  1. Drive to Clean Exhaust - Help

    6.7 Problems Forum (2011-2016)
    So I'm new to diesel and new to Ford, and I just bought a used 2012 F250 Crew Cab (diesel) with 73,000 miles. I'm in the military and my wife convinced me to buy a travel trailer awhile ago to make the constant moves and camping trips easier now that we have a toddler. I was driving a RWD GMC...
  2. Frequent Regen - Cleaning Exhaust Filter

    6.4 Motor Problems
    My 2008 F-250 Diesel (6.4 L) does a "regen" a couple times a week. During these "regen" operations, the truck has a loss of power, experiences strong exhaust odor in the cab, and makes a loud "groaning" sound upon deceleration or shut down. My daily drive is about 25 miles in Los Angeles...
  3. Exhaust Filter Overload Remedy

    General Diesel Discussion
    Hello, again. So I'm new to the PowerStoke diesel so I'm learning as I drive. I have to use my truck as my daily-driver, not just for highway driving or trailer hauling. Because it's usually stop-and-go traffic driving six miles to and from work daily, my truck complains routinely about...
  4. problems on 6.4

    Drivetrain 911
    Im brand new to diesels and have no idea what is going on. I just bout a 2010 F350 with the 6.4. I bought it less then a week ago with 87000 miles. I noticed a leak in it already also I have driven less then 150 miles and it has cleaned the exhaust filter 4 times. last time I reset the trip and...
  5. Regen Problems on 6.4L

    Diesel Diagnostics
    My 6.4L also "cleans exhaust filter" pretty much every other time i drive it. When it happens i follow all the rules try to get on the highway and run through the cycle. However when it happens im usually in traffic and when im stopped a lovely cloud of heavenly smelling smoke comes from under...