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  1. 6.7 Performance Parts Discussion (2011-2016)
    The truck is getting all the deletes done and I was just trying to get a definitive answer on which sensors to unplug. Egr and dpf.. The tunes are the new pip v.7 tunes. On the egr side - the two orange plugs and the black actuator on top of the erg? On the dpf.. Everything gets unplugged...
  2. General 6.0L Discussion
    I am making a todo list of things that should be upgraded on my 2004 6.0. With the ERG valve what are the pros and cons of delete/upgrade. Also the delete kits are around $600. Why could one not just put an 1/8 inch sheet metal block in to prevent the exhaust from entering to cooler and seal it...
  3. Diesel Diagnostics
    Why does this cost 1200 bucks to fix as its so common??? I am at whits end with my 2004 powersstoke 6.0 - i live in Arizona so its not the weather - replace the alernater x2, starter ,ERG oil and coolant housing, 2 batteries, turbo line problems, $7000 in the last year - why do these stink so...
1-3 of 3 Results