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  1. 7.3 problems need help!!

    Engine 911
    Ok I posted in the diagnostics and have had no replies so maybe in here I will have luck. I have a 01 7.3 that is surging at highway speeds around 75 to 80 mph. Its doesn't make any noise from the turbo like others have discribed but I have noticed the boost will drop 1 to 2 psi. It acts like...
  2. FS: Edge Juice w/ Attitude for 6.4L

    Performance & Drivetrain Parts
    Selling my current tuner because I am upgrading. Has only been installed for about 4 or 5 months and is still in great condition. Comes with gauge pod as well. I will post pictures if necessary though it looks exactly like any generic picture you may find on Google etc. PM me with any offers...
  3. Edge juice with attitude #10104. tranny problems

    6.0L Performance Parts Discussion
    i have an 07 6.0 with 95 000 miles, about 5000 miles ago i put the edge juice with attitude in it, since the first few miles i drove with it on the tranny never shifts right. hesitates shifting, shifts harder, shift points are higher, it goes into limp mode, when slowing to a stoplight it sticks...
  4. Removed Edge Juice with Attitude

    6.0L Problems Forum
    2004 6.0L. Had an Edge Juice installed, but recently the attitude controller wouldn't light up sometimes, and when it happened, the truck engine shut off. Finally decided to remove the Edge, and I *think* I was successful in doing so. All I really did was take the original cable out of the Edge...