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  1. DIY Remote Oil Cooler

    General 6.0L Discussion
    I know this has been gone over many times and some may say it is easier to just buy a BPD kit but I would rather piece it together myself and have it exactly how I want it. So furthermore, has anyone made a diy remote oil cooler? I am still gathering all the information I need to make this...
  2. The dreaded EGR and oil Cooler. DIY or not?

    6.0 Motor problems
    HI guys. So i'm looking for a little advice. Background is this. I've replaced fuel injectors in my 05' 6.0 along with some glow plugs and wire harness. Feel OK about my mechanical skills. Ford just told me I am leaking from the EGR and it needs replacement. Of course the oil cooler will...
  3. DIY 6637 Intake Enclosure

    99-03 7.3L Performance Parts
    Not sure if I can post links from other boards, but stumbled across this and it's great!! Did some looking around and didn't see anything similar but if this has already been posted I will apologize up front. I am not taking any credit for this, simple copy and paste.. All the pictures are in...
  4. injector down anyone change one yet DIY

    6.7 Motor Problems (2011-2016)
    Just had a injector go out. Threw code p02f3 and started to shudder and run rough so I limped it home. Ive got a 2011 model tuned and deleted and I just changed my fuel filter and noticed there was some organic matter in the bottom of water separator. This was the first time I used a napa auto...
  5. DIY bullet proofed EGR cooler

    General 6.0L Discussion
    I have a spare egr cooler that ruptured a few months ago: I was in a pinch and in a hurry, so I picked up a core from someone else here on the org, welded it shut on both ends and put it in. We'll I live in kommifornia and have to smog next year. I don't really want to pay the 350-400 bucks for...
  6. new bumper and grille 99 f250

    99-03 7.3L Exterior Discussion
    Im considering having a custom bumper simillar to the one in the picture made for my truck on a plasma cam but wasnt sure if im biting off more than i can chew. Im not sure of what thickness or type of metal would be best and if anyone has done anything similar before or has any suggestions. Im...
  7. Flares & mud flaps on my '08

    6.4 Exterior Discussion
    Finished my 'winter protection program' for the body on my '08 last night. Sandblasted and powder coated original rusty bumpers. Painted and installed Bushwacker OE flares. Powder coated and installed color matched mudflaps from Airhawk (12" sidewinder front and rears). Powder coating color...
  8. k&n 6637 compatability

    94-98 7.3L Performance Parts
    Will a napa 6637 filter fit on k&n intake tubes? i have a k&n and I know they are bad want rid of it.
  9. 2000 F350 6spd, modds?

    99-03 7.3L General Discussion
    I have a 2000 F350 XLT with a 6spd transmission, for now it has a spectre air filter stuck on the original intake, 4 inch down pipe to a 5 inch straight pipe, 4 inch lift with 33's and a cheap chip that will be removed for a nicer one very soon, and an isspro boost gauge(theres a pyrometer but i...
  10. DIY exhaust brake?

    94-98 7.3L Performance Parts
    Ok guys so last few days i have been trying to set up my own exhaust brakes and finally got it and i was wanting everyones opinion if you think it will work or not. To explain it a little bit about this schematic. It uses the IVS switch on the accelerator pedal to control it. the relay that...