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  1. Get Durable, Dependable Tow Mirrors for Your Truck

    1A Auto Parts
    Need to replace your truck’s tow mirrors or hoping to upgrade? Browse our large selection of Trail Ridge tow mirrors for high quality replacement and upgrade towing mirrors guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM standards. Shop now: Watch this video for...
  2. To buy or not to buy ?!

    General 6.0L Discussion
    I have the chance to get an 05 F-350 screw 4x4 6.0 at a great price but am scared to purchase because of the horror stories that I've heard. It's had the EGR valve replaced but I don't know anymore than that. Is there something I could look on the truck to tell if the studs have been done or any...
  3. 6.0l vs 7.3l questions, which is better dd work truck??

    General 6.0L Discussion
    Hey guess i need some help deciding on what to do. Currently i have a 05' 6.0 with 145000 miles and a new tranny 5k ago. This year i have a new job which requires the use of a truck for towing alot. i havent really done mucj to my truck now besides intake, exhaust, and sct. i have an opprotunity...