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  1. Introductions
    Hi, I found a 2 wheel drive F250 Crew Cab with a 5 speed transmission and 7.3L with only 228k miles on it. I'm going to take a look at her tomorrow. What should I look for as far as maintenance issues. Ok, I don't know much about diesels. I am from San Antonio, Tx. I work out in the...
  2. Tech Central
    Hey guys, Iam kinda in a bind with getting this issue on the truck fixed. Iam currently working at a ford dealer and have an ESP on the truck. This issue has been going on with the truck since I bought it from this dealer back in September. Iam currently working with one of the senior masters...
  3. Diesel Diagnostics
    Why does this cost 1200 bucks to fix as its so common??? I am at whits end with my 2004 powersstoke 6.0 - i live in Arizona so its not the weather - replace the alernater x2, starter ,ERG oil and coolant housing, 2 batteries, turbo line problems, $7000 in the last year - why do these stink so...
1-3 of 3 Results