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  1. SCT Tuner "canned tunes" vs Gearhead Custom

    6.0L Performance Parts Discussion
    I've been running the SCT "canned tunes" for just over a year and ran the street tune daily to improve power, shifting etc. I was pretty happy with it but it wasn't perfect and the shift points seemed to be off especially when downshifting with the tow button on. I decided sunday to order the...
  2. 200mm 16's ?

    Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
    I have an 07 with the 20mm bolt pattern. I want to run a certain tire but to get "that" tire I have to get it in a 15 , 16 , or 20" well I don't want to lift my truck so the 16" would be perfect being 31.5" tall . BUT.... I cant find a 16" dually wheel that has the 8x200mm bolt pattern :crying...
  3. Diablo Trinity T1000 custom tune w/egr delete?

    6.4L Performance Parts Discussion
    Hey everyone, I hope this hasn't been beat to death, but I need some help! I just installed my EGR delete in my 2008 F350 King Ranch and I am having the reduced power issue. I have a Diablo Trinity T1000 tuner and none of the stock tunes can delete the EGR through the computer. I really don't...
  4. Road Armor Stealth Front Bumper W/ Titan I Guard

    99-03 7.3L Exterior Discussion
    Been looking for THIS bumper for a few months now, havent seen any for sale on craigslist, ebay, or anywhere else online. e-mailed road armor customer support and they said they stopped making them about 5 years ago. I know there has to be one somewhere that is in new or like new condition that...
  5. 2007 shorty build

    General 6.0L Discussion
    Alright I have been around with a few other builds and this ones going a different route. I picked up a 07 350 rclb 4x4 for 3500 bucks. Pretty much a rust free truck for maryland standards lol. Plan is to make it a short bed. Goal is to make 500 hp and nitto 420s for more of a street truck...
  6. Gearhead vs EFI Live Dmax

    6.4L Performance Parts Discussion
    Racing a buddy in the 1/8 this weekend and wanting to know what yall think on who will win. Both are gonna be 4wd boost launching My mods are in my sig and Im on 35s with full toolbox and Ranch hand He has a 09 crew on 33s with a built trans, air dog, intake and exhaust. He has custom idaho...
  7. Custom Tune Shifting Question

    6.4L Performance Parts Discussion
    I am wondering how the other custom tunes shift compared to spartan and Gearhead. I used to have spartan now I run gear head hot street. I am not bashing anyone I am just looking for more knowledge and comparison. I like my gear head tunes I just want to know how others compare. Thanks
  8. David Lock Tuning?

    99-03 7.3L Performance Parts
    I just got off the phone with Walle at FTE diesel and he said he sells David Lock custom tuning on a 6 position platform. I cant find any info on it, anyone have any experience with it? Thanks!
  9. Where can I get the best custom tunes?

    6.7 Performance Parts Discussion (2011-2016)
    Ive got a 2011 F350 with a 6.7, and I'm doing the DPF and DOC delete, and getting a H&S Mini Max tuner. I was looking to get custom tunes, for example, a lope tune, or a smoke tune, and transmission tunes. I'm kinda new to all this, so can anybody help me out?
  10. My SCT Experience

    General 6.0L Discussion
    *EDIT*Anybody else with experience with the SCT, whether canned or custom tunes, please feel free to share the experience here! I'm starting this thread as a review/feedback/log of my experience with the SCT SF3 Tuner. I use this on my vehicle in my signature, a 2004 Excursion. I started using...
  11. new bumper and grille 99 f250

    99-03 7.3L Exterior Discussion
    Im considering having a custom bumper simillar to the one in the picture made for my truck on a plasma cam but wasnt sure if im biting off more than i can chew. Im not sure of what thickness or type of metal would be best and if anyone has done anything similar before or has any suggestions. Im...
  12. exterior mods that are the next best thing!!!!!!!!! visual effects that cant be beat!

    99-03 7.3L Exterior Discussion
    Hulst Customs is a design and fabrication shop building high end hot rods, street rods, and customs. Located in Merlin, Oregon, Hulst Customs has been building award winning automobiles for over 30 years. We are a full service shop offering design services, modeling, prototyping, and complete...
  13. Front Grille, customized. 2006 CCSB FX4

    6.0L Exterior Discussion
    Hey there fellow PS'ers. I took a stab at the grill mod myself instead buying one and going that route. Turns out that it costs about $22.00 rather than buying a grille or grille insert. Here are the pics of the progress. Enjoy :) Here is the original that I was working with. A little too...
  14. Huge Favor, asking from Afghanistan please

    General 6.0L Discussion
    Can someone do me a favor and measure the dimensions between the two captains chairs of an F250 XL Super Duty. I am looking at Center Consoles and have an idea but my truck is at home, I am deployed. I need the following measurements. Width between chairs: Length from the rear of the chair to...
  15. WTB Center Console Option for 06 F250

    Interior Parts
    As you can see in my pic below, my newly acquired truck is looking a little sad between my two captains seats. I need a console or custom console that will look good with my interior. Anyone help me out? I am in Afghanistan right now and will be back next month so it may be a short delay in...
  16. Garrett Powermax No Whistle

    6.0 Motor problems
    I installed a new powermax today on my 2003 F250 6.0 @ 164,500 miles. I was expecting to hear the whistle like in the stock turbo but there's no whistle at all :( Do I need custom tunes to get the whistle back? I still have the stock exhaust on it, not sure if this makes a big difference...
  17. Whats the latest on 6.4 custom tunes

    6.4L Performance Parts Discussion
    Ive been hearing alot about custom tunes passing up the spartan?? who are some upcoming names? anyone running these? thanks
  18. 2005 F-550 lariet 4.5 door

    Will try to get pics up tonight! 2005 F-550 80,000 miles Lariet leather is in very good shape Harley Davison aluminum 19.5 with Brigstone tires 90% tread or + B&W flat bed with tool boxes 97gal aux fuel tank that is plumbed into the stock tank Ranch hand front bumper w/ winch plate 6.0 L has...
  19. Ford F-250 F-350 Crew Cab Powered Window 2004 - 2010 Dual 12" Custom Subwoofer Box En

    Interior Parts
    Ford F-250 F-350 Crew Cab Powered Window 2004 - 2010 Dual 12" Custom Subwoofer Box En Sold my truck :( Bought this two weeks ago and its still in the box. $50 plus shipping, paid $83. Ford F-250 F-350 Crew Cab Powered Window 2004 - 2010 Dual 12" Custom Subwoofer Box Enclosure (Black) SKU...
  20. Custom 2012 King Ranch F-250

    General 6.7 Discussion (2011-2016)
    Thought about waiting to post pictures of my truck when it was complete... But here's a couple of the progress so far! Future projects include: major interior modifications to resemble 2013 Super Chief, custom headlights, etc, etc, etc.... Can't give it all away! By the way it's not all...