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  1. 99-03 7.3L General Discussion
    I'm wiring in an egt probe and pod guage tomorrow and I want the led illumination to come on when just the parking lights are on, and when the parking lights and headlights are on. what wire do I tap into on the headlamp switch for this, or is there a fuse I need to add an "add a fuse" into to...
  2. CSP Maintenance/Repair/Mods
    Filing this project over here in the Maintenance/Repair/Mods section of CSP, per recommendation of Jeffery (Rattlesnake18). As those who've listened to the plan from the CSP Truck chat, I'm starting the first mod to my '07 F350 Dually XLT. I have optained a pair of Autometer GS Series Gauges...
1-2 of 2 Results