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  1. General 6.0L Discussion
    I have an '06 F250 4x4 and I'm in need of some new tires. I don't go 4 wheeling, just use it to tow my boat, camper and heavy trailer. I sometimes have to go through some mud, rutted up fields or grass but that's as bad as it gets. Rarely does it snow where I live and if needed I have chains...
  2. Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
    I have a 2000 Ford F550 Crew Cab Dually with a custom Fontaine bed.. i used to haul goose neck horse trailers with it... but i had a general tire blow out on me on tuesday morning. Took the truck to the shop and they recommended putting on Cooper RoadMaster Tires. RM170 STEER tires in the...
1-2 of 2 Results