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coolant cap

  1. Coolant Cap leak

    6.0 Motor problems
    Well here is the problem. I just installed a looney tune from Vivian, and when I WOT for a while I start to smell coolant. Now it is not a lot just sprinkles (wet around cap and on air intake hose). So could this be a faulty cap or is it something worse. I never had this happen till now. EGR...
  2. Coolant Reservoir Cap Leak

    6.0L Problems Forum
    Intro First I want to thank everyone for making this site a great resource for 6.0 owners, I've found this site very helpful for repairs on my new 04 6.0 diesel that I purchased in May 2011! Here's an issue I noticed, and wanted to get your opinions if anyone has seen this before. Since this...