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  1. What is this connector for in the dashboard?

    6.0L Powerstroke Interior Discussion
    Removed the dashboard to install a stereo. Found a plug in the back that isn't visible from the front because there is just a blank cover on it. Any clue what this cable is used for?
  2. Little locking tab for engine harness electrical connector

    General 6.7 Discussion (2011-2016)
    Hey gang. I broke one of the little tiny slide-locking tabs on an electrical connector on the engine harness. I'm pretty sure the same slide lock is used on several electrical connectors, for instance when I replaced my hub/bearing assembly I think the ABS wire connector had the same little...
  3. Trailer Wiring Accessory Plug??

    6.7 Electronics Discussion (2011-2016)
    I want to preface this question by saying THANK YOU to all on this forum for your in-depth posting on the new 6.7's! I have been a die-hard GM person all my life, but finally made the best decision of my life by getting an '11 F250 SuperDuty! :icon_ford: So, on to my question....... I recently...