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cold leak

  1. 1999 7.3 F250 power loss when cold

    Diesel Diagnostics
    Just bought my first Powerstroke and am having problems when the air temperature is low. The engine makes a "shh, shh" sound and I can feel it lose power unless I'm really pushing the throttle. After the day warms up its fine but I plan on plowing snow with this and have to solve the problem...
  2. Fuel leak when cold when warms up nothing

    94-98 7.3 Motor Problems
    Hey all this Long time powerstroke owner first post on the site. I have a 95 psd manual 2wd reg cab/long bed.Have not run it all weekend it was 25 degrees out and it had not been plugged in for 2 days. Got in cranked strong ran fine went inside came outside saw major fuel leak coming from the...