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cat delete

  1. 6.0 exhaust

    General 6.0L Discussion
    Do the 05-07 6.0s have a resonator in the downpipe? Or was that only in the 03-04? Looking to do a muffler and cat delete to get that loud whistle sound
  2. Needed INFO!

    General 6.7 Discussion (2011-2016)
    Hey guys!, My name is Antone and I just recently purchased a 2013 Ford F250 Powerstroke. I have many question that needs to be answered before I start doing anything to my truck. 1. If I get a Cold Air Intake (K&N) would I need to provide a tune with it or will the truck run fine without...
  3. What CAT delete should I buy?

    Diesel Diagnostics
    Hey guys, Thanks for pushing me into buying my truck last year. I have a 06 F250 6.0 and for the most part I love it! Recently I've had some sever issues. Terrible fuel mileage, 0-only 5lbs of boost, major lack or power. After doing some research I first though my turbo was stuck. So my...
  4. Exhaust Advice

    6.0L Exterior Discussion
    hey guys im trying to put some stacks on my truck, now i have a 2006 f250 6.0, i have the stock exhaust on it right now, im wanting to put 4" exhaust on it turning to 6" stacks. unfortunately im not sure what pieces im going to need, im planning on getting MBRP S8201AL 4" Dual Smokers Stacks for...
  5. DPF delete

    Performance & Drivetrain Parts
    Have a 2008 F450 6.4L. I am looking for a programmer that will do a DPF delete and the piping that will do a DPF delete and a CAT delete please. I have been to my local off road shop here in Indiana and they said they could not order one and to check a site like this. Again thank you again.
  6. Downpipe Question

    6.0L Performance Parts Discussion
    I've only had my truck about a month now and I'm wanting to do a cat delete. The truck has MBRP 4" exhaust run from the cat back, but I have a suspicion that it also has the MBRP downpipe. If that were true I'd just need a cat delete pipe from MBRP...anyone know how I can if the downpipe is...
  7. Loss of power after 3" downpipe installation

    94-98 7.3 Drivetrain Problems
    Last weekend I replaced my stock downpipe with a 3" from Diamond Eye & cat delete pipe as well. I had the tranny out to replace the dual mass flywheel with a single mass, so I thought it would be a good time to do it. I have the DIY air filter on order but have not installed it yet. It used...
  8. ??? Power Loss with new Down Pipe

    6.0L Problems Forum
    :dunno:I just installed my new down pipe and cat delete from MBRP, and it feels like my truck was kicked in the nutz. I expected some mild losses in the top end and good gains in the low end. I got no gains and all losses. SCT set on performance tune (yes canned tune, but not for long). Could it...
  9. Thanks for your Advise

    6.0L Performance Parts Discussion
    :icon_ford:I had been scared to leap into the world of diesel due to the horror stories of cost and maintenance. I finally bought an 06 Amarillo Edition 2 weeks ago, and couldn't be happier. I am now a convert to diesel truck only. The turbo back w/cat delete exhaust and SCT tuner have opened my...